"Take with you words"

If Mary Baker Eddy had done no more, through her discovery and recovery of Christian Science, than to lift humanity to a higher conception of the word "love," she would have accomplished what idealists everywhere have striven for, throughout all ages. By ceaseless, prayerful toil she has encompassed and safeguarded what has hitherto been so misunderstood and misused that in many cases it served merely as a synonym for fear or lust, whereas the Scriptures teach that God is Love. His creation, therefore, existing by and through Love alone, is a different thing from that presented through the physical senses. God's image and likeness reflects infinite Love not dependent on embodiment for its expression or existence, Love immeasurably beyond the scholastic definition, the poet's conception, or the ascetic's prayer. The immensity of the task accomplished, however, along the ling of elevating and purifying the entire gamut of words in use to-day is one not generally understood.

Christian Science does not take away anything except wrong concepts, such as sin and disease, but simply shows the nothingness of the poor counterfeit by which mortals have been deceived and reveals the harmonious and beautiful reality of all that is. We find this to be the case in a careful analysis of terms grown familiar through theology, and that repentance, conversion, baptism, regeneration, predestination, and similar terms have a deep and sacred meaning when spiritually discerned, a meaning which is scarcely hinted in the conventional definitions. In the case of material medicine many terms which have been narrowed down to a merely physical and material application become charged with solemn import when understood spiritually. So, instead of narrowing, we find that Christian Science broadens the outlook, enlarges the vocabulary, strengthens the perceptions, and above all, lifts and enlarges the understanding. No longer is it found to be advisable to accept only "one half of what is seen, and nothing that is heard," thus attempting to create, as it were, a mental vacuum. Our need is to take heed what we see and hear, being constantly alert to replace with the reality which Love creates what error would present as a plausible deception. The more familiar we become with the truth of being, as presented by prophets and apostles throughout the Bible and clarified by Mrs. Eddy's writings, the more quickly shall we detect and reject erroneous suggestions, whether presented audibly and apparently from without or through the more subtle method of claiming to be our own opinions or beliefs.

November 5, 1921

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