God's Supremacy

In writing a play an author is free to place his characters in whatever circumstances he may choose for them. Shakespeare provided for Prospero an enchanted island with Ariel and all his satellites waiting to serve him; Jacques he exiled to the forest of Arden; and to Portia he gave a home at Belmont, where she lived in the state befitting a great lady. Clearly an author may do exactly what he will with his own play because there is nothing to thwart his wishes, and, if we do not press the comparison too far, this illustration may help us to understand better God's supremacy in His realm, which is the whole universe.

In Christian Science we learn that God is divine Mind, and Mrs. Eddy has said in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 469), "We can have but one Mind, if that one is infinite." Thus we see that in the whole of God's universe there is no other mind to oppose His will. The human author's freedom faintly shadows forth God's omnipotence. As God creates and governs the universe, so it is; and because God is absolute good all creation reflects His goodness. It is a comforting thought that no power exists to pervert what God has made or to rob us of His blessing.

The Shepherds
December 4, 1920

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