"Loving chords"

No one can view the disturbed condition of the world to-day and recognize its hidden cause, without realizing that the remedy must come from a higher than human source. Mortals have been striving from the beginning to overcome the effects of error with error, but have only succeeded in adding discord to discord, until the human mind is hopelessly out of tune. The very evident conclusion is, that what the world needs and must have before its discords can be harmonized is the spirit of the Christ; that is not less preaching but better practice; not a setting aside of the letter but more of the love of God shed abroad in human hearts.

In her Message to The Mother Church for 1902 (p. 9) Mrs. Eddy writes, "Loving chords set discords in harmony." Would that we to whom these words are addressed open our hearts to their obvious appeal, and ponder their wonderful import, until the love they call for becomes the inspiration of our motives and acts, for therein lies the remedy for every disturbing situation. There is no section of Christendom that needs not the balm of love upon its wounds, and its gentle ministry to bring peace to its contentions and allay its fears. This message of our Leader comes like an echo of that voice which stilled the storm, and called forth the sleeping Lazarus from his tomb. If we accept her inspired leadership of this great movement, and would walk in the way she never ceased to point out, we shall be found expressing the harmonies of love, otherwise our protestations of loyalty to her ideals amount to nothing.

Destroying the False Concept
December 4, 1920

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