One of the most wonderful and complete healings came...

One of the most wonderful and complete healings came to us when I was young in the study of Christian Science and had not much knowledge of the letter. One afternoon in October, 1913, I received a telephone message that my husband, while riding his motorcycle, had been struck by an automobile and had been taken, in an unconscious condition, to a hospital about ten miles from home. Right here my work in Science began. Not a shadow of fear entered my thought, being kept out not by repeating a great many words, but by confidence in the course I was about to pursue. A few question were asked and, if the answers indicated any fear or doubt as to the outcome, these were immediately denied mentally. Arrangements were made for me to go to the hospital as quickly as possible, for the surgeons there were waiting for my consent to operate on the unconscious patient. Clinging steadfastly and calmly to the thought that God is never unconscious, neither could His idea be, I finally reached the hospital, where relatives and friends who had arrived before me were waiting in speechless anxiety, all influenced by the doctors' verdict. I passed by them quickly and went unattended to the ward to which my husband had been taken, sought out his bed, and found him fully conscious. He answered my few questions, and I shall never forget the authority with which I spoke.

I then sought the doctor in attendance and introduced myself. Yes; they were waiting for my consent to operate, as the skull had been fractured. So clear was my realization of the truth and firm the mental denial of this verdict that I simply heard his words, without consenting to what they were intended to convey. I said that I would not consent, meaning that it would not be necessary, and expressed the wish to take him home with me. He asked me if I realized the seriousness of the case, and said that if I insisted on taking him home I must sign papers releasing the hospital from all responsibility. I consented to leave him there, but requested that I be notified of any change in his condition. No change occurred. On Thursday, the next visiting day, I went to see him and he was so much better I could have taken him home, but did not have proper clothing for him. On Saturday he came home with very little evidence of his experience. Whether the skull was really fractured or not I do not know, nor do I care. I never said it was, but this I do know—that after a thorough examination by doctors and nurses, the decision was a fractured skull, which must be trepanned, for which operation they stood ready and anxious.

Testimony of Healing
It is with much gratitude to God and to Mrs. Eddy that I...
December 4, 1920

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