Destroying the False Concept

When Christ Jesus said, "Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven," he gave utterance to a metaphysical law the meaning of which, however much it may have been understood by the spiritually illumined who heard him, had certainly been hidden from the world for centuries until Christian Science again brought it to light. To forgive in the generally accepted meaning of the word is simply to condone, and such an attitude of thought accomplishes little or nothing either for the forgiver or the one forgiven. When, however, through an understanding of Christian Science one comes to perceive something of the meaning of forgiveness, he sees that not alone is it the greatest thing he can do for his fellow man but also the greatest thing he can do for himself. To forgive simply means to destroy in human consciousness the false concept with regard to another, to see God's man as the only man, and just to the extent that one does this for his neighbor is he winning his own forgiveness.

It is quite impossible to bring out the true concept of man in one's own human experience while holding the wrong concept with regard to others, and yet is not this what we frequently try to do? Similarly, it is not possible to bring out the true concept for one individual successfully while holding the false concept of another. Not until we free the whole world in our thought, not until we refuse to accept the false concept with regard to any one, no matter how unideal he may seem to be, shall we know what complete freedom means, for "with what measure ye mete it shall be measured to you again."

Rejoicing Evermore
December 4, 1920

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