Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for what...

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for what a slight understanding of the teachings of Christian Science has done for me and mine. I have experienced the healing of two felons and the prevention of two, which proved to me that Science is a preventive as well as a curative agency.

In a business way it has proved invaluable. At the outbreak of the war my husband was one of the first to be called, and the suggestion came repeatedly that piano instruction was a luxury, and that during the period of the war my income from it would cease. I met these suggestions with a flat denial and declared that God is the source of my supply, with the result that my class increased to just twice as many as I had had previous to the war. My husband was in the service nineteen months and during that time experienced many trials and severe tests, but came through unhurt, due to Christian Science, which had taught him to rely on God alone, and to know that He is omnipotent and omnipresent and that we are never for an instant without His protecting care. Very recently I had another proof. My finger was caught in the clothes wringer and the nail completely torn off. I stopped only long enough to bandage it in order to keep it clean and went on with my work, with no ill effects whatever, and a new nail replaced the old one in a very short time. About three weeks ago my husband experienced an instantaneous healing. He complained of feeling ill and had a very high fever, with evidence of influenza. I read the Lesson-Sermon to him and repeated the ninety-first psalm. While I was reading he fell asleep and when he awoke, about an hour later, the fever had entirely left, and the following day he went to work as usual.

Testimony of Healing
With a heart filled with thankfulness to God for the...
December 4, 1920

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