"Not as the flying"

With the fullness of real joy, there can be no fear. To rejoice that divine Love alone controls the truth man is to be grateful to God in the only right way, without the slightest dread for either past, present, or future. Divine Love is, of course, but a name for the one Mind which is Truth and the sole source of true living. The one Mind creates and sustains right action here and now. That is how perfect cause shows itself loving. Through Christian Science one is able to prove that loving action in accord with the divine Mind is real and endures in spite of any seeming. Hence each student of Christian Science has, day by day, thorough reason to be thankful to God, as any sense of fear is replaced with the sureness of good. His day for giving thanks is each day, and his reason for giving thanks is never that he has fled from error but that he is proving the truth in his daily living. The extent to which he thus proves the truth is the extent to which he is truly grateful.

In her poem called "The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers in New England," Mrs. Felicia Hemans pointed out that the Pilgrims crossed the ocean not because of fear but simply because of the desire for the broadcast freedom in which to worship God. Though her phrasing is sometimes stilted and hardly exact when it attempts to describe New England, her meaning is sound, as in the second stanza:—

A Thanksgiving Testimony
November 20, 1920

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