In the fall of 1913 I took up the study of Christian Science

In the fall of 1913 I took up the study of Christian Science. Prior to this, in fact all my life, I was considered a sickly person. When I became of age I married, and my troubles started regarding supply, as to whether I could make ends meet. I worried and fretted year in and year out until finally I became a physical wreck. I continued my religious teachings and tried to be a Christian; still I had a burden to carry. Finally I got to where it seemed I had a short time on earth, yet with all my worrying I was always able to meet my obligations. God was caring for me though I was blind to it.

About three months prior to coming to Christian Science I prayed daily for hours on bended knee, and after that period of time, seeing no change for the better, I prayed saying, "O Father, show me the true way." In about a week I got a telegram from my brother, who is a Christian Scientist, stating he was on his way to a neighboring town in my state, and would stop over a few days to visit me. When he arrived he said, "I have felt that you needed me and I see you do." "What can you do for me?" I asked, and he handed me the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," by Mary Baker Eddy, and asked if I would read it, explaining how he had been healed. I said I would read it, and as I read, the thought came to me that this surely was the answer to my prayer to be shown the true way. I had been told by doctors I could not live in any other climate. After two years' study of Christian Science it seemed that all channels of supply were closed to me. This seemed to bring a dark cloud over me again despite the good Christian Science had already brought. My healing was going on physically, and although it was slow I could see improvement right along. One day I decided to go north, and then the thought came of the climate. It was December, and I feared going north at such a season, so went to a practitioner and told her my plans. She said, "If it is God's will you can and will go, and climate will not have any power over you; but if it is not God's will you will not and cannot go." I had not yet considered that it took a good deal of money to go so far with a wife and child to accompany me. After a struggle of three months I sold my house at a sacrifice, and at midnight, December 31, started for my destination, arriving January 4, in extremely cold weather, and the following Sunday went to church in a blizzard. I had no prospect of employment and my few friends asked what possessed me to make such a trip, with no work assured. I said that I came here for work and was going to get it. I had no fear, and, after seventeen days, found a position, and from then on I had steady employment.

Testimony of Healing
Nearly six years ago I was led to this glorious truth,...
November 20, 1920

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