I am very grateful for the message Christian Science has...

I am very grateful for the message Christian Science has brought to me. It not only heals all diseases, but is a preventive of disease, and helps me to work out every problem that comes up for solution. Of the literature, I cannot say enough in its praise, it seems to grow more helpful all the time, also the Lesson-Sermons, which I love to study and search for the spiritual meaning. Soon after I took up the study of Christian Science, I had trouble with my neck. The doctor said it was a goiter and that I must take electric treatments, and thus avoid an operation. I took the treatments, but the neck grew worse, and after several weeks it came to me that I was disobeying the First Commandment. I immediately discontinued the electric treatment, visited a Christian Science practitioner, and was healed, and healed forever.

My little daughter had an eruption on her face which I thought might be chicken pox, as there was an epidemic in town. I was treating her for that and she was very well, but the eruption did not disappear. A friend who was not a Scientist happened to see the child, and exclaimed, "That child hasn't chicken pox; that is ringworm. Don't you trust that to Christian Science, for my brother had it, and the doctors were one year curing it." I thought to myself that I would not like to have the child disfigured for a year, and visited a practitioner. The eruption disappeared from her face in two weeks, but there was a stubborn one in the hair which did not disappear for two months. I feel that I have great cause for rejoicing, for these and many other beautiful healings.

Testimony of Healing
In the fall of 1913 I took up the study of Christian Science
November 20, 1920

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