It is a little more than two years since I first took up...

It is a little more than two years since I first took up the study of Christian Science, and through it I have had many proofs of God's ever presence. One evening last summer while trying to make myself generally useful by helping to make a runway for poultry, I stepped on a long rusty nail that was protruding from one of the boards I was about to use. It went all but through the fleshy part of my foot. My sister who was with me at the time helped me to release my foot, which was done with some difficulty. I afterwards walked to the house, a short distance away, and I could hear sister repeating, "She is God's perfect child," while she walked along with me. Shortly after reaching the house I asked her to call a practitioner and ask for treatment. One hour later we drove to the village, a distance of not quite three miles. I lost very little time from duty, having a little brood of chickens and ducks to care for, which meant a lot of running around. The fifth day the wound was entirely healed and during the entire time there was very little swelling or pain.

I am very grateful to say that discontentment, the habit of occasional faultfinding, a quick temper, nervousness, and insomnia have all been entirely overcome. I also overcame the symptoms of Spanish influenza in less than a day, without the help of a practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science did not "come into my life,"—I did...
November 20, 1920

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