Christian Science did not "come into my life,"—I did...

Christian Science did not "come into my life,"—I did not understand what it is to live until it showed me. I had been able to go through high school and two years of college, it seemed, only by the exertion of a strong will, by forgoing almost all pleasures, sleeping many hours each day, and using my eyes simply when necessary. At the beginning of the third year in college I collapsed, will and all. During the seven months following, treatment in a sanitarium, a major surgical operation, the help of a nerve specialist, complete rest, and careful diet were all conscientiously tried. At the end of that time I was unable to be out of bed except for a few hours each day, unable to walk any distance, to see any one but the immediate family, or to read more than a few minutes at a time. As religious convictions of any kind were entirely lacking I got no comfort from that source, and spent most of my thought considering in what way I should prefer to die.

Christian Science had been presented to me several times but had been bitterly refused. When at last there seemed nothing else to do, I went to a practitioner, whom I told rudely that I had no faith in Christian Science and that while I wanted to be healed I had no use for his religion and would never go to church, even if I were well enough. I was healed. My college course was completed, and I was not only able to do my regular work easily, but to engage in other activities and enjoy the privilege to the full. For two years now I have been steadily employed and have not missed an hour from my work because of ill health.

Testimony of Healing
I am very grateful for the message Christian Science has...
November 20, 1920

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