[Translated from the German]

For a period of three years I had to be under medical care...

For a period of three years I had to be under medical care almost constantly, on account of a distressing abdominal trouble of long standing. When after that time the pain ceased, I most gladly accepted the physician's assurance that my healing was complete. All the keener was my disappointment and discouragement, therefore, when after a few weeks the ailment manifested itself again with great severity. The professor whom I then consulted informed me that a radical cure could not be effected without an operation. During these days spent in fear and worry, I first heard of Christian Science and trustingly applied to a practitioner for help. With two treatments I was entirely freed from the pain and suffering, and have never had a return of the complaint. Great indeed has been the mercy and love of our heavenly Father! We have also experienced the help of Christian Science in many minor instances in our family, for which my heart is filled with gratitude.

I feel impelled to testify to one more healing, in the case of my little boy. During the first weeks after his birth he was healed of four ruptures and the pain occasioned thereby. The suffering would often cause the little fellow to cry for a long while, and as a result the ruptures would protrude considerably. Then I asked the practitioner to take up treatment. All the neighbors who had heard the child crying accused us of carelessness, thereby making it necessary for us to consult our former family physician. His opinion was, that if the babe's vitality permitted, he should be operated on at once, as he would not get well otherwise. In view of the child's condition, however, an operation seemed fraught with danger. Great, therefore, was my joy, when after a few treatments in Christian Science our darling improved perceptibly. We had discarded the trusses, knowing that the wearing of them would not heal him. The child is now fifteen months old, has never had a return of the ruptures, and is well and happy.

September 25, 1915

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