Relying upon Divine Counsel

A certain experience presented to a student of Christian Science a question of vital consequence. Conditions were such that there was no one to whom she might turn for personal advice, so she reasoned over it for many an hour in her own way, listened to the discussion of others upon the subject, and weighed their pros and cons only to become more confused and disturbed. Then at length she turned wholly to divine intelligence. Gradually a calm assurance took possession of her consciousness; and at first dimly, then clearly, the answer began to unfold, until with illuminated conviction she was able to prove as well as to perceive the solution of her question.

How often we might have saved ourselves and others much wasted thought and time, if instead of depending upon unreliable human reason or looking to "the more experienced worker" to give us his well earned ideas, we had first turned in simple faith and asked the all-knowing Father for His counsel! Is not the answer to any question already existent in Mind? Then why not go direct to the source, and thus avoid the danger of accepting statements which are tainted with personal opinions as they pass from mouth to mouth? Who would not drink direct from the fountain rather than from another's cup?

Temptation Overcome
October 16, 1915

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