I wish to relate an incident in illustration of the healing...

I wish to relate an incident in illustration of the healing power of Truth as revealed in Christian Science. When four years old, our little daughter was suffering from a fever, and as some of the older children had been having chicken-pox we supposed this was the cause of her illness. I treated her with what understanding of Science I had, but she grew much worse and began to break out with what is known as the scarlet-fever rash. As afterward developed, she had both scarlet-fever and chicken-pox at the same time. The fever grew very high and she became delirious. As the conditions were very alarming we wired a Christian Science practitioner who had helped us before. That evening the fever went down a little and the next morning it was entirely broken. The change in the first twenty-four hours was indeed an unmistakable proof of the power of Truth. In a few days the child was herself again, with none of the after effects which sometimes follow ailments of this kind.

We have had many other cases of the healing of sickness in Christian Science, and also of its availability in meeting other problems. It is indeed a sacred privilege to have the truth explained so as to make it practical for every-day use, as it is in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and other writings by Mrs. Eddy, and in the literature issued by the Publishing Society.

R. C. Norris, Maywood, Neb.

Testimony of Healing
It is a well-known fact that many a disease or bodily ill...
October 16, 1915

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