In a recent issue appears the report of a paper which...

Pine Bluff (Ark.) Commercial

In a recent issue appears the report of a paper which requires a reply in order to prevent injustice being done, and to make it known that Christian Science is based absolutely upon the Scriptures, and is neither unchristian nor Hindu in teaching or practice; that it does not deny the need of a Saviour, but preaches that Christ, Truth, is this Saviour, and heals both the sick and the sinner in this name and by this power, and that it does not place the name of its Discoverer and Founder, Mrs. Eddy, above that of Christ Jesus as a religious leader or otherwise. The statement that Christian Science calls Mrs. Eddy the "second incarnation of God" is without any warrant whatever.

It would seem that when a careless or false statement is made somewhere on the subject of Christian Science, it is ofttimes taken up and repeated regardless of its incorrectness. One may readily believe that the critic has been victimized by some such process, for there can be no legitimate source for that which in fact never had existence. Our critic is good and faithful enough to use this most commendable language: "We cannot shut our eyes to these facts; it is better to face and carefully consider what it is which is promising rest of soul to weary seekers and satisfying hungry hearts." Forethought on the part of a critic might well lead him to cite his reasons and his authorities for his conclusions, seeing that it is the truth alone that all want, rather than the bandying of personal bents and presumptions,—the latter too often but an accident of birth or environment or the mere inspiration of desire. In the present case, all that has been proved is that our critic believes Christian Science to be one thing, while Christian Scientists understand it to be another.

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