Just Judgment

The writer has a deep sense of gratitude for the protection of divine Love as manifested to her through the vigilant and untiring devotion to Principle shown by those in charge of our periodicals. Through an earnest desire to be of help, she sent in an article for the Christian Science Sentinel, believing sincerely that the rebuke it contained was much needed among some Christian Scientists and that all she wrote was scientific and helpful. Many months passed, but the article did not appear. Questioning why in her inmost thought, she again made a careful study of the copy of the manuscript sent in, when lo, spiritual unfoldment during the waiting period at once showed her its utter worthlessness. She had simply allowed herself to enter into judgment and condemnation of her fellow Scientists and to exploit her own selfrighteousness.

What presumption it now seemed, what a faint realization of the all-power of divine Love! Her first thought, upon discovering this, was a great throb of thankfulness for the clear and loving thought of those who examine the articles sent in, joy that her own contribution went no farther than the waste-basket, where it could do no harm. To feel that, after all, she was not allowed to be a channel for harm to our cause gave her a deep sense of the protection of ever-present Love. Mrs. Eddy says in Science and Health (p. 444), "Let us be faithful in pointing the way through Christ, as we understand it, but let us also be careful always to 'judge righteous judgment,' and never to condemn rashly."

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