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There are two things that it is absolutely useless for us to worry about. First, the things that we cannot help. How utterly useless is worry when we cannot help the thing. And second, the thing that we can help. Worry only hinders us from helping. If you cannot help conditions, worry only makes it impossible for you to bear them; if you can help them, then by all means change the conditions and so banish the cause of your worry. We all go through the days carrying the worry, which in the beginning was a very small thing causing personal anxiety or solicitude; but it has steadily grown until the whole mind is darkened and the heart embittered; slowly but surely it becomes contagious, until it has darkened the lives of others in the same household; and by and by we awake to the realization that we are confirmed in the worry habit, of all habits the most injurious to human happiness and the highest development of character.

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November 15, 1913

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