[Translated from the German]

I wish to give thanks for the help which I have received...

I wish to give thanks for the help which I have received through Christian Science, more particularly for two instances in which I have experienced healing, and of which I would like to give a brief account. One of these was a case of inflammation in the palm of the hand, which I had contracted while doing practical work in a ship-building yard. The hand and forearm swelled up so quickly during work that I had to stop, but through the loving help of a Christian Science practitioner I was enabled to use my hand after six days and to do my full share of the work, although the physician who examined my hand, in accordance with the regulations of the yard, had predicted about four weeks' unfitness for work.

The other case was an abscess on the arm, due, I believe, to the same cause as the first trouble. In the course of my year of military service I was on board a German battleship in the Mediterranean. As we had left port for a length of time, it seemed impossible for me at first to secure Christian Science treatment, and owing to unfitness for service, I had to report at the lazaretto. The ship's surgeons tried to help me by making incisions three times, at intervals of from one to two weeks; but instead of improving, the condition grew worse after each incision. They therefore proposed to perform a more extensive operation under narcotics, to which I objected, as I had then been afforded an opportunity to apply for help to the Christian Science practitioner. I had rather weakened my own position by holding the thought that Christian Science treatment could not be effective so long as I was compelled to submit to medical treatment. But from the moment that the physician gave up treating me, I got rid of the mental obstruction, and the result was that on the following day the inflammation was gone. After three days I was able to take off the protective bandage and to stretch my arm, and in one week's time to do gymnastics as formerly. In this second instance help was given from Dresden, Germany, while I was on the south coast of Spain, and I am happy to know that the truth may be applied everywhere, irrespective of time and space.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for the blessings that have...
November 15, 1913

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