In going across the street on an errand, my son, fifteen...

In going across the street on an errand, my son, fifteen years of age, stepped off the sidewalk behind a wagon which stood there, and which was suddenly backed up, knocking him down. Before he could recover himself, a taxicab ran over him, passing over his shoulder and head, and people on the sidewalk who saw this shouted to the chauffeur. He stopped suddenly and backed the machine, but by so doing the wheel was brought back and rested on the boy's head. Men who saw the accident hurried to lift the taxicab, and my boy was pulled from under the wheel and an ambulance was called. Meantime I was sent for, and followed him to the hospital. I tried to induce those in authority there to let me take the boy home, but they refused. My son, who understands Christian Science to some extent and relies on divine power, had from the first held the thought of the protecting power of God. On examination, the physicians at the hospital said the boy's shoulder was broken, and his head was badly injured, one ear being almost torn from the head. When the doctors said there must be stitches taken in the cuts on the head, I refused to have it done. I went home, took Science and Health, and read for an hour, and by this time I had overcome all fear as to results. After I left the hospital the doctors took the stitches in the cuts, one of the number holding my son until it was done.

In two hours from the time I went home, I was back at the hospital and insisted on taking my son home. I was then allowed to do so, upon agreeing to take all responsibility myself. In six hours he was able to eat solid food without trouble, the discolorations had disappeared, and the flesh had returned to its natural color. I called no practitioner, but treated him myself, and he recovered rapidly. The bandages were taken off' the next Sunday, and in eleven days he was back at work. There was no fever, and no complications set in; for all of which I am indeed thankful to God, and grateful to dear Mrs. Eddy for explaining this wonderful truth that is available to all. —

Testimony of Healing
I wish to express my gratitude for what Christian Science...
November 15, 1913

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