An editorial in a recent issue calls attention to some statements...

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An editorial in a recent issue calls attention to some statements by eminent surgeons attributing appendicitis to mental causes. Another statement by a physicist, who was quoted, avers that nothing exists but electrons, whose cause is mind. These quotions fairly illustrate a present-day tendency to assign material phenomena to a mental cause. Since the conclusions arrived at by these gentlemen were, by implication made akin to Christian Science, I ask permission to state what Christian Science teaches regarding matter, disease, and their origin.

For many ages the world's philosophers, investigators, and natural scientists have been trying to solve the riddle of the universe by assuming the reality of material things and then reasoning backward in the hope of finding some rational cause. The story of the man who tried to lift himself by his own boot-straps may perhaps be trite, but it well serves to show the utter futility of all attempts to explain a material universe while neglecting to take into account God and His spiritual nature. Christian Science, however, has chosen the course of reasoning laid down in the Bible, and has presented to mankind a system of religious teachings which begins with the simple premise stated by John, "God is love." From this fountain-source of infinite goodness it derives in its logical conclusions a practical Christianity which is today healing, purifying, and making glad many thousands of human sufferers in the four corners of the globe.

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