I am indeed grateful for what Christian Science has done...

I am indeed grateful for what Christian Science has done for me. It healed me after six doctors had failed. My days were very dark when Christian Science came to my home; I was without hope and almost without God. I tried to pray, but all seemed dark; I tried to read the Bible, but could not understand it. I used to look at the three little children who seemed to need me so much, and think that if Jesus were now on earth I was sure he would heal me for my children's sake, for he loved little children. With these thoughts I sent for a Christian Science practitioner, who came and talked with me so encouragingly that the whole room seemed filled with sunshine. I told her my fears about leaving my children, and she said that I need not leave them; that God is all Love and Life, and that He did not send me this sickness. I was healed of a complication of diseases, and also lifted out of poverty, which was one of the results of my illness. I am truly grateful that I know God as Love, and as we grow in this understanding our every need is supplied. If there are any to whom the way seems dark, I would say, Just watch and pray, and God will reward you. I have had many beautiful demonstrations to the power of Truth with my slight knowledge of Christian Science, and I do pray every day to be more worthy to be called a child of God.

I would like to tell of a recent demonstration with our fifteen-months-old baby. He was troubled with a summer complaint, and I treated him very faithfully myself for two days, but he did not improve quickly, so I telephoned to a practitioner. The child was then in a high fever, and other symptoms were alarming; but I feared no evil, for God was with me. I prayed earnestly for strength to stand to the end of this trial. The answer came to me that the child in his true being was an idea of God, and as such had always lived and always would live. The following day my husband stayed at home from work, and we read the whole of that week's Lesson and studied the Bible and Science and Health all day. Instead of our baby passing away, as had been feared, he showed a complete change and commenced at once to get better. For this and many other beautiful demonstrations we are very grateful.

Testimony of Healing
I wish I had words wherewith to express adequately...
February 3, 1912

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