There seems to be a disposition upon the part of some who are not thoroughly informed as to what Christian Science is and what it includes, to question or doubt as to the possibilities of any one's receiving help or healing through what is called "absent treatment." This doubt originates mainly in the old systems of healing, wherein the presence of the physician is considered necessary, and those who entertain it fail to grasp the fact, as taught in Christian Science, that the most available potency is that of infinite Mind, which is ever present and all powerful.

Those of our brethren who belong to other Christian churches do not think it strange or incredible that a prayer for spiritual help should be answered, even though the one prayed for might be at a considerable distance from the one who prays. In this instance it is recognized that God answers prayer and there is some concept of the forever fact that God is everywhere present. Why should it not be as consistent and reasonable to believe that a right prayer, one of understanding of God and man, for the healing of the sick, even though at a distance, is as surely answered by infinite Love as is the prayer for the sinner or the one in need of spiritual enlightenment? The experience of Christian Scientists proves to them conclusively that to Mind there is no distance, no space, no location; that the one infinite Love is everywhere present, and that, in keeping with the promises given in the Bible, "the prayer of faith shall save the sick."

August 27, 1910

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