As the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal are so...

As the testimonies in the Sentinel and Journal are so helpful to me each week and month, I desire to add my mite, trusting that it in turn may help some one else, although my gratitude for Christian Science cannot be expressed in words. I began the study of Christian Science a little more than two years ago. For some time prior to this I had been suffering intensely with headaches, and also with heart trouble; I had, in fact, suffered with severe headaches ever since my childhood, and they became more frequent as I grew older. "Many things" had been told me by "many physicians" to account for these headaches, and finally, during 1905, three different physicians declared that my suffering was caused by kidney trouble. One of them, after careful examination, said that in order to have any degree of health or comfort again, I would have to take medicine regularly, and give strict attention to my diet, baths, exercise, etc. When a little later another physician told me the same thing, I rebelled, and said that if I should attempt to obey all the rules laid down for me, I should not think of another thing from morning until night but myself. He replied, "I can do nothing for you unless you observe my instructions minutely."

At this very time a Christian Scientist came to my rescue and advised me to take Science treatment. I threw my medicine away, and began the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." I also received treatment from a practitioner, but continued it only a short time as I felt that I must work out my own salvation. My healing has sometimes seemed slow, but steadily, step by step, I have gained my freedom, while utterly disregarding every one of the instructions given me by the medical doctors who advised me over two years ago. Although I was not instantaneously healed—as I at first thought I ought to be—I now rejoice that as a result of the faithful effort I put forth in studying the Bible and Science and Health, in order to "know the truth" which would free me, I have received so many and such great spiritual blessings.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has indeed been a great help to me in...
July 4, 1908

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