Through a curious printer's error these words were inserted...

Ormskirk Advertiser

Through a curious printer's error these words were inserted in a little account of a Christian Science lecture given in last week's Southport Notes. As the sentence read, "In addition to pealing the stick' Christian Science uplifts, purifies, and fortifies the lives of its followers"—it seemed absurd. Of course the words should have been "healing the sick," but those substituted answer the purpose equally well when quietly thought over. They reminded me of a poor old neglected vine which was to all outward appearance in a wretched condition. "Dig it up?" said the gardener. "No! give it a thorough peeling and then we'll see what it can do!"—so off came the tough old bark, and many mischievous little insects hidden in the cracks and crevices hurried away in search of another shelter, and the old vine was left bare and unprotected. I felt quite sorry for it. However, the gardener knew his work and now the old stick has not only put forth leaves and branches but is well laden with good sweet fruit. When we are told by Christian Scientists that we must peel off some of our cherished beliefs we at first find it hard to realize that we are better without them, but little by little, as we get rid of the old bark, the troublesome little fears and anxieties that have lurked in its crevices for so long hurry away and the peeled stick brings forth the good fruit of health, happiness, and peace.

February 22, 1908

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