It is with great gratitude that I tell what Christian Science...

It is with great gratitude that I tell what Christian Science has done for us. This testimony relates to but one of the many beautiful demonstrations of the power of Truth we have had in our home. My son, while at work as a joiner, met with a severe accident. He understood a little of Christian Science, but not enough to demonstrate his freedom. He did not tell us of his trouble for several days, but on Sunday night he went to see a friend, and while there he was completely overcome by pain, and fainted. He was brought home and put to bed. He then asked for Christian Science treatment, but did not tell us what the trouble was; he just moaned that he was in terrible pain. This increased during the night; to sense he looked very ill, all action had ceased, his bowels seemed to be displaced, and other complications had set in. He could not rest anywhere; he was a most unnatural color, and could take no food—which resulted in great prostration. On Tuesday morning he tried to get up, but found he could not stand, all the use (or life, as he said) had gone out of his legs. He fell to the floor, but remembered the "scientific statement of being" from Science and Health (p. 468), which helped him a great deal to demonstrate his own freedom. He lay on the floor and I treated him. He then managed to get his clothes on and came downstairs. He was asked why he did not stay in bed; and he said that if he did, he was sure he should die or go mad, as the pain was getting unbearable. His father (who has not yet accepted Christian Science) said he must have a doctor, but my son said he had been healed before by Christian Science treatment, and would go on with it. I felt that some definite step had to be taken, and I asked him to go out with me. He said, "How can I go for a walk, I cannot stand?" but I persuaded him, and we went, although he said the pains were like knives going into him. At that very moment, however, he felt that his bowels were replaced in their proper position, the pain was overcome and he walked quite a distance. When we got home he had some supper and rested better during the night, but still there was no action. I again treated him, and by one o'clock on Wednesday he went to his work,—perfectly healed,—every organ of the body working in perfect harmony and in accord with the law of divine Love.

In conclusion I should like to add my own healing. Two years ago I was enabled to demonstrate my own freedom from glasses which I had worn for twenty-seven years. I cannot express my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy in words for the light and understanding that Christian Science has given us, for it has proved to us God's ever-presence and help.

MRS. Ellen Wright, Manchester, England.

August 26, 1905

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