It is now six years since I first became interested in...

It is now six years since I first became interested in Christian Science, and the blessings my family and I have received in those years have been innumerable. Our first experience was such a wonderful one that from that time I could never doubt the healing power of Christian Science. Our little girl, then about twelve years old, had had a throat trouble all her life and had been treated by physicians and specialists without permanent good results. After having had her tonsils cut out, a growth appeared in her throat and nasal cavities which almost closed up those passages, making it hard for her to breathe, swallow, or hear. She was quite deaf at times, and the specialist last consulted said there was no earthly way of curing her but by the knife. As he would have to give her chloroform, I was very much afraid of the operation, but both he and the family physician said there was no alternative, so I consented. However, the night before the operation was to have been performed, the child took sick and could not undergo the ordeal for two weeks.

Before the expiration of that time I had decided to try Christian Science for an ailment of my own that the doctors had never relieved, and in talking with the practitioner I asked her if Christian Science could remove a growth from the nose, and she replied that Truth could do anything. I took the child to her at once, and in a short while an improvement was manifest. After several weeks I sent her to the physician to be vaccinated, and she told him that her mamma said to examine her throat and see if he wanted to operate on it now. He told her to tell her mamma that there wasn't a thing there to remove, it was as clean as his hand; and so it proved. She has been a strong, healthy child ever since, whereas before she was delicate and subject to frequent spells of sickness.

There are eight in our family, and in these six years we have had many ailments overcome by Truth, sometimes quickly, sometimes more slowly, but always effectually, as follows: Pneumonia, typhoid fever, chills and fever, slow fever, headache, grip, ulcerated tooth, hemorrhoids, biliousness, croup, cough, severe burns, cuts, sprained ankle, badly mashed foot, falling hair, also the tobacco habit healed by reading Science and Health,—all have had their nothingness proved through Christian Science. We are daily striving to learn more of the truth that makes us free, and we realize that "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty." For these and many other blessings we are truly thankful.—M. B. Longcope, Houston, Tex.

August 26, 1905

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