My healing was wonderful to us all

My healing was wonderful to us all. In September, 1895, I was taken very ill. A physician who was called feared peritonitis, and next day decided that this was the trouble. He visited me every day, and I had the best of care, but January found me in bed, and the doctor told me I had been at death's door three times within a month. I then sat up twice, only to go back to bed again, worse than before. In March I again sat up, or lay on the couch, and walked a little by leaning on some one, but could not be dressed as usual. I stooped over like an old person, and one day the doctor told me he feared tuberculosis of the bowels. Later, he said it had developed, and that the next step must be to have a specialist. He left a prescription, and went away. After he had gone, I thought it all over and decided I would take no more medicine, for if I must die I would spend no more money. My thoughts were more like hell than heaven that day, and when my husband came home at night I told him what the doctor had said. He was almost distracted, and asked for the prescription, but I dropped it into the fire, saying I would take no more drugs.

This was Monday, and our home was a very sad one. On Friday afternoon a caller was announced, who proved to be an old friend, a Christian Scientist. Six years before, when I was ill, she had spoken to me of Christian Science, but I had rejected it. She had now called on my sister, who told her of my condition. Knowing that "man's extremity is God's opportunity," she very kindly called on me now, but I was not at first glad to see her; being so sure I must die very soon, I wished to see no one. She, however, lovingly told me I could be well, that God did not make sickness, and said so many comforting things that hope revived. She inquired if I would like to read Science and Health, and when I answered that I would, she said she would bring it and show me how to read it aright. After she had gone, I thought over all the Scripture passages she had quoted, called for my Bible and read them. When my husband came home I asked him what he thought of trying Christian Science treatment. He replied, "Try anything, only do not leave me." On Monday my friend came, bringing the precious book. She said at once, "You are better." I asked her for treatment, which she gave. Then followed a beautiful talk which I shall never forget. Later, I walked erectly down the hall. Then I realized what I had done,—I had stood and walked alone, the first time for months. When the practitioner saw my amazement, she smiled. She came to me each day for a week and at the end of that time I took a seven-minute walk alone up hill. The most alarming symptoms all disappeared after the second treatment, and in twelve treatments the trouble was entirely healed. Some of my friends said the healing would not last, but it is now nine years, and I have been, and am still free, perfectly free.

Testimony of Healing
It is now six years since I first became interested in...
August 26, 1905

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