There never was a time in the history of the world when...

Indianapolis (Ind.) Sentinel

There never was a time in the history of the world when the Bible was used as a text-book to the extent it is to-day. If there is not within the lids of the Bible a correct statement of the creation of the universe and the laws of its operation, where shall we look for such a statement? Certainly physical science, so-called, has never revealed it. The greatest intellects of all ages have labored untiringly in the fields of science, theology, and medicine, advancing new theories and refuting old ones, establishing new systems and abandoning those of their predecessors, ad infinitum. And yet to-day, mortal man is, to a large extent, the victim and not the master of the material forces he has discovered, and is still controlled by sin and disease. All the while, however, in the compass of a single chapter of the Bible, and that the very first, there is to be found a clear, concise, and logical account of the creation and government of the universe and all it contains, and in the gospel story of the life of Jesus can be found the only instances of perfect healing in the record of the centuries, together with the system of theology which cleansed the Magdalen.

Dr. Schurman of Cornell Univesity makes the statement,—evidently referring to the "miracles attributed to Jesus,"—that "we are recoiling from those dogmatisms of the Bible." If the professor refers to the healing works of Jesus, the fact that such healing works are now of such common and daily occurrence proves that they are in no sense miraculous but absolutely natural, and according to the teaching of Christian Science, an inevitable consequence, not of mere faith but of a right understanding of the laws which govern the universe and man.

The Lectures
August 26, 1905

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