Sam Jones and Christian Science

Editor Times:—I have just read your report of Rev. Sam Jones' lecture, in which he makes some very serious and very erroneous remarks about Christian Science, and I desire to say a few words through your good paper based upon your report and the common talk of what he said.

As to the statement that Christian Science is an evil and a fad, I submit first, Mr. Jones' own argument that no man's opinion about a fact will change a fact. Furthermore, Mr. Jones is so far from the facts in this case that he clearly cannot judge. He says, "When you have a pain, all you have to do is to think you have no pain and it is not there. I know that is a lie!" Christian Scientists quite readily agree with our critic. Such a method would not cure the toothache he spoke of having, nor anything else. Christian Science does not "start with the theory that there is no pain." It starts with the fact, "In the beginning God," or, as I am told it stands in the original, "To begin with is God," and it continues from this beginning, following very logical conclusions and none other.

Like Job's young friend, Elihu, Christian Science comes, having "yet to speak on God's behalf," and not only confessing Him absolutely first in all things, but, through its practice as religion, its followers, who number "thousands upon thousands," are daily finding new life, new hope, more and better love, and more and better health.

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