Name and Essence

MANY years ago a seeker after Truth found much pleasure in the pages of a certain work, and among the thoughts new to the reader was this, that the name and the essence are one. Like a seed awaiting the hour of germination this thought lay in the memory until Christian Science awakened it to vigorous life. It was in studying the Bible in the light of Science and Health that the writer realized, not only how wide was the application of the statement to biblical writers, but also what a deep significance it has for the scientific student of the Scriptures.

The following are a few examples culled from the many which illustrate our subject. In the Master's wonderful prayer, given in John, are these words, "Holy Father, keep through thine own name those whom thou hast given me;" here, knowing in Science that the Father is no human concept of Deity, localized and vaguely spiritual, but actual Life, Truth, Love, we can see clearly how our Father keeps through His own name—essence—those who cast in their lot with Christ, Truth.

Harmony vs. Discord
August 5, 1905

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