Perhaps no word in the English language is more constantly brought in use than the little word which heads this article. It is not surprising that among those who believe in a world which supposedly contains a mixture of good and evil elements, a world, moreover, in which the evil elements often seem to have the preponderance of power, this little word should be brought into frequent requisition.

It would seem, however, that in the thought of those who have unreservedly accepted our dear Leader's "scientific statement of being" (Science and Health, page 468), that this questioning element should be forever stilled. The questions, Why do I have to wait so long for help, when others are helped so quickly? Why do I not have more power to overcome my besetting sins, when I try so hard? Why can I not understand the truth more effectually?—these, and many kindred questions, should never be allowed to enter the thought of a Christian Scientist. If we look well into the condition of thought which makes this entrance possible, we may be shocked to find indications of such qualities as envy, ingratitude, self-righteousness, doubt, distrust, and so on.

Probably most of us first took up the study of Christian Science filled with the hope of the benefits which might accrue to us as individuals; but should not the advancing years fill us with a larger hope, even a yearning desire that divine Principle may be manifested to all mankind? Should we not rejoice equally in every case of healing which comes to our notice, recognizing it as one more proof of the ever-presence of that infinite good which is ready to heal and save the whole world? When we come into possession of such a consciousness, the mortal sense of self will begin to fade, our clearer vision will catch faint gleams of the divine selfhood, until at last, through gazing long upon the Christ-ideal, we shall be transformed "into the same image." Our old query, Why am I not healed? will be changed to the wondering exclamation, Oh, why did I ever believe there was any reality outside of the risen Christ? and, having lost sight of self, we shall stand complete in Him, realize the meaning of the Master's words, "that they might have my joy fulfilled in themselves."

The Healing of Alderman Umbarger
July 1, 1905

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