From my birth I was considered very delicate, and had...

From my birth I was considered very delicate, and had taken medicine since ten years of age. When I was married I grew weaker, and at last my physician sent me to one of the best specialists in Chicago. I went, and he stated that an operation alone could help me. I felt encouraged, for relief and help were promised, and I did want to live. I had three little children that I felt I could not leave. Two operations were performed within five weeks. I spent eleven weeks in the hospital and went home worse than ever; but I was told that after three or four months I would be all right. A whole year went by in intense pain and suffering. I tried everything for relief, but without any help. The only thing that brought seeming relief was morphine, which I took often during the day and night.

One day a neighbor spoke of Christian Science to my husband, and although he did not believe much in a God, if at all, in the light that this dear neighbor presented the thought of God he felt that it might help me. He began telling me about it, and I was astonished to hear him talking about God helping me. I felt that he was far from God, and often prayed for him, but when he told me that God could heal me, I did not see why He would not hear my prayers as well as another's. My husband said that we might not pray aright. I consented to take Christian Science treatment, and I shall never forget my experience when I saw the dear Christian Science practitioner. I could hardly speak a word, for I could not hold my tears back, but such a new hope came to me when she told me that God is my Life, that He did not want me to suffer and die, that He wanted me to be strong and well. When she left me I told my servant to throw out all the medicine I had. That was over eight years ago, and neither my husband, our children, nor myself have taken any medicine since.

Testimony of Healing
All my child-life was one of poor health
July 1, 1905

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