Christian Science was first brought to my notice several...

Christian Science was first brought to my notice several years before I was ready to accept it. Later, about four years ago, when there seemed nothing more that materia medica could do, I was induced by a friend to turn my thought Godward, and to give Christian Science treatment a trial. For ten years my physical ills had been legion: bronchitis, acute stomach trouble, insomnia, neuralgia, nervous exhaustion, and many other troubles, which followed one another in swift succession, while hereditary consumption was supposed to be one of the necessary evils which sooner or later must come upon me. I suffered many things of many physicians, who were all kindly sympathetic, and who conscientiously tried to help me. I was sent to sanitariums, where electricity, message, and medicated baths were used without avail. A trip to Europe was finally decided upon, and the constantly changing scenes for a time seemed to alleviate the suffering, in making me forget it; but when I returned to this country the old conditions all returned also.

I struggled on with materia medica a year or two longer, but I noticed that my last physician, a sweet woman of the homeopathic school, gave very little medicine, and the highest potencies seemed to do me the most good, but none of them effected a cure. This fact caused me to do some thinking on the subject, and finally I decided to read "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mrs. Eddy, and also have treatments from a practitioner. I confess that I did not at first understand what I read, nor was I immediately benefited by the treatments I received, but I continued to read and study until my false gods, in the shape of drugs, were finally thrown aside, and I was liberated from my physical ills, as well as from many other errors which all my life had retarded my progress spiritually.

It is impossible in words to express my gratitude to our dear Leader, for bringing us this practical religion, which is making the whole world "new" in emancipating from sin and sickness all who are willing to listen to its message. I am humbly striving to follow and rejoice, and if at times the way may seem a little rough, I know that when we are patient and earnestly seek Truth, He leads us on.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first brought to me, I had...
July 1, 1905

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