With Bishop Burgess' extraordinary statement regarding...

Hartford (Conn.) Post

With Bishop Burgess' extraordinary statement regarding Jesus' methods of healing, Christian Science takes issue. The assertion that Jesus "never performed a miracle when natural means would do as well," is an unthinkable proposition to the Christian Scientist. There is nothing in the Scriptural record of Jesus' work to lead us to believe that he ever resorted to other than purely mental or spiritual means in performing his cures.

To him, his work was not miraculous, or unnatural, but divinely natural; though healing without what Bishop Burgess calls "natural means." might well seem mystical then and now, to the materialist. The Christian Scientist believes that to pray to God, Spirit, for healing, while at the same time holding on to God's opposite, matter, for relief, is to dishonor God, and illustrates the parable of the house divided against itself, which cannot stand.

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