While sitting one afternoon at the base of Eifel Tower,...

While sitting one afternoon at the base of Eifel Tower, and looking up at that wonderful structure, the thought came, that if one who lived two centuries ago were seated beside me, and were told that he could reach the top of this tower safely, he would probably not believe it, and would refuse to take the journey. But if he remained long enough, and watched the elevator ascend and descend safely through the lace-like network of iron, his belief would be changed. Then I caught a glimpse of what it means to know that divine Principle, infinite intelligence, is able to make the things of Spirit as real to us as the things of materiality have seemed to be.

I should like to tell of one of the many demonstrations that have come to us through Christian Science. My sister and I had what the material senses would call poisoning from something we ate. A short time after dinner, while preparing to go out for the afternoon, I was suddenly taken very ill, and I tried to realize the Truth of being and the nothingness of this seeming condition of inharmony. In a short time my sister was affected in the same way, and for a while we thought we should have to send for help; but knowing it is Truth that does the healing, I sprang from the couch and read Science and Health just as long as it was possible for me to sit up, and this is what came from the reading. I realized that there is nothing to fear, because God is the source of all being, and my sister said, "What can there be to be afraid of?" In a short time the suffering was overcome and our were free from this nightmare. Then I read from our text-book until it grew dark, and with such a beautiful realization of God's protecting love and care that when supper time arrived I knew that material food had no power to harm us. We ate our supper comfortably and had no after effects from this attack.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to tell of my healing through Christian Science...
May 27, 1905

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