It is now over three years since I was directed to Christian Science...

It is now over three years since I was directed to Christian Science by a kind friend, and was given health, peace, and happiness, when I had nothing but insanity or death staring me in the face, and I desire to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for my wonderful healing in Christian Science. I had been afflicted with nervous insomnia, from which I had suffered for about eight years. I was healed of this, also of rheumatism and sore eyes. The doctor called the latter granulated lids, and said it would be slow work to heal them as I had neglected them so long that the trouble had become chronic. I had always been a delicate girl and was under medical treatment for about twelve years. I think my physicians did everything in their power for me, especially the last one, who was considered one of the best in the county, but after being under his treatment for two years, and finding only temporary relief, I became discouraged, and asked him if there was no hope for me of ever being healed. He told me I ought not to complain, that I was doing fairly well, that one of the richest men in Chicago had just died of the same trouble. My confidence was destroyed by that statement and I went home thoroughly convinced that there was no earthly help for me, that medicine could not heal the conditions brought on by worry and trouble. Then it was that help came from God, who had always seemed so far away. I cannot describe how peaceful I felt when I learned that He is near, and that I, as His child, had no cause for worry.

I am ashamed to say that I hesitated, and waited for six or seven weeks after this hope was held out to me. I finally decided to give Christian Science a trial as a last resort, with the result that after ten days I was entirely healed of insomnia and I have never taken any medicine from that day to this.

Testimony of Healing
Before hearing of Christian Science, I had many proofs...
May 27, 1905

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