Hoping my experience will help some one who is suffering,...

Hoping my experience will help some one who is suffering, I will tell of what seemed to be a serious accident, that happened to me while traveling on a loaded wagon, which was overturned, throwing me out. My head and side struck on a rock, cutting my head and breaking several ribs. I also received internal injuries. I was raised to my feet, but could not stand. My suffering seemed unbearable while lying on the ground. I felt that the wound on my head was not dangerous, although I was suffering badly from the effects of it; but all pain instantly left my head and never returned, not even when the doctor, who was called, probed the wound. My fear of internal injuries was, however, very great, as neither my head nor limbs could be moved without loss of breath. Being in an out-of-the-way place I could not call a practitioner to treat me, but I kept declaring the truth the best I could. I only let the doctor bandage my side, and I would not use any medicine. In less than a week I was up at work, but a reaction seemed to set in, and I was suddenly prostrated. A doctor was called in who pronounced my condition so serious that I could not live. He said my liver was so badly injured that it had failed to act, and that inflammation had set in. He did not offer me any medicine; he seemed to think it of no use, but I was not alarmed at his opinion, and had a Christian Science friend telephone to a practitioner at Eureka Springs for treatment. I was easy and asleep in fifteen minutes after she answered the telephone.

The treatment was kept up about two weeks and for seven days there was no proper action of the bowels, nothing but blood was passed; then everything became natural. I was restored to perfect health in two months after the accident. I could do as much hard work as I ever did and have remained well since.

Testimony of Healing
Nearly five years ago I began to investigate Christian Science
May 27, 1905

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