If Christian Scientists are not the abundance of God's supply, as sufficient to meet their every need, they are not demonstrating as they should the Principle of Christian Science. If we are reflecting God perfectly, we know that He is not only our Life but that He is also the source of our health, strength, harmony, intelligence, dominion, and of our supply as well; and we should understand that His supply is inexhaustible and is sufficient for our every need. While I have not at all times had as much money as I seemed to require to meet obligations, I have never failed to meet them due, by simply konwing that "God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform." The supply has always been given me, and my reputation for promptness and honesty preserved, and this all may do, if they will only get rid of their fear that God will forget or overlook their necessities.

To wait for an accumulation of riches before we do this or that, is like waiting until we understand algebra before attempting to demonstrate a simple problem in primary arithmetic, or like waiting until we have a full understanding of Christian Science, before we attempt the destruction of what is called a headache. We are taught to use, at once, the little understanding we may possess, realizing that "sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof," and also, that sufficient unto the day is the good with which to neutralize the evil. It seems to me that the belief in poverty is as much a disease as any other form of inharmony, and if Christian Science will heal one it will heal the other, since God is the source of our supply in all that is good and needful.

Inward Life
May 20, 1905

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