"You claim so much for Christian Science; why does...

Wilmington (Del.) Star

"You claim so much for Christian Science; why does it not reform every one?" is asked. In Yankee parlance, we would reply, "Much is claimed for the science of mathematics; why does it not make every one a mathematician?" There is a vast difference between a fact and the application of the fact. The Word of God is true theology. The practice of the Word is true Christianity. Without the practice of the Word there could be no Christianity.

Many people are not reformed because they don't want to be. They are not ready to be reformed. They have not suffered enough from sin and its effects, as yet, to want to part company with sin. There are, however, multitudes who are learning that sin is the punisher as well as the punishment, and they are earnestly yearning to be freed from its dreadful bondage. To such as these Christian Science offers the understanding of how to master sin by showing the Christ-like way of destroying the desire to sin; and Christian Scientists are ever ready to offer the ministry of loving assistance.

Among the Churches
December 24, 1904

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