Christian Science found me, now some five years and a...

Christian Science found me, now some five years and a half ago, a physical wreck. I had been ill for several years, suffering from severe nervous depression, the result, so the doctors told me, of repeated attacks of influenza. I had tried the various schools of materia medica, including allopathy, homœpathy, electropathy, osteopathy, besides mesmerism, sea voyages, etc., but all with unsatisfactory results. I was without hope, and my life was indeed a most miserable one.

One Sunday morning in July, 1898, I was induced to go to a service at First Church of Christ, Scientist, in this city. The service in no way interested me until the reading of the scientific statement of being (Science and Health, p. 468), when, with the reading of the words, "hence, man is spiritual and not material," I had an experience impossible for me to describe. It seemed as though the clouds were rolled back, and I saw heaven; not only did I see it, but I felt that heaven was all around me. The happy thoughts which instantly flooded my mind and remained with me for some ten days would require too much space to relate, even if I were able to find language equal to the occasion. I may say that both physically and mentally I felt I was a new man. I experienced such happiness as I never thought possible on this plane of existence.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was first presented to me, it came...
October 15, 1904

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