Four years ago my little boy had an abscess on his jaw,...

Four years ago my little boy had an abscess on his jaw, and for eight months he could not rest, night or day. We doctored constantly, but nothing seemed to have any effect upon it. I used every kind of poultice that could be made, he took bottle after bottle of medicine, but it kept growing worse all the time. There were twenty places open and discharging, and his neck was swollen to such an extent that the poor child looked frightful. The doctors called it a carious and ulcerated condition of the jaw-bone, and thought it would be necessary to remove a portion of the bone and insert a silver plate, but we would not consent to an operation. At last, when we had given up all hope of the child ever recovering, a friend told us of Christian Science, and gave us some literature to read. We read it over and over again, and wondered if it could be possible for our darling boy to be healed by this means. We made up our minds that there could be no harm in trying, and called on a practitioner in Dayton, O. This was on Wednesday, and the following Sunday, to the surprise of all who knew the child, the ulcers had entirely healed over. In a few more treatments he was entirely well, and has never taken any medicine since that time. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for what Christian Science has done for us,—Mrs. Ella Thurston, Eaton, O.

Testimony of Healing
I am a little boy ten years old
October 1, 1904

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