Seeking Aright

"Seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." This injunction by our Lord constitutes the only method whereby we may plainly discern spiritual truth.

Owing, perhaps, to a habit long formed of holding an attitude receptive rather than antagonistic to religious instruction, and always with a deep desire to know the truth rather than to accept creed or dogma, on mere belief, and aiming to have no opinion until the standpoint presented was clearly comprehended, I was enabled thus to receive more quickly the light that everywhere radiates in the teachings of Christian Science. Like many others, however, when Christian Science was first brought to my attention. I was inclined to regard it jocularly, and with a "mild degree of suspicion." It might be sound. I thought, but more likely it would prove to be a fad, a mystic's dream, or a mercenary scheme. But since the law supposes innocence until guilt is proven and since evidence, pro and con, is necessary before a verdict is determined upon, I would form no opinion for or against until the case was clearly presented; moreover, I would allow no preconceived notions, or prejudices, to wrap my judgment and cause a foregone conclusion, and so I was readily persuaded to listen to the evidence and consult the recognized authority, the Scientist's text-book.

"The windows of heaven"
October 1, 1904

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