The Visit to our Leader.—Editorial Comments

One onlooker was heard to say he never saw such a vast number of uniformly intelligent people of all classes together. One might think that one object of this unparalleled assemblage is to come together to be happy and contented.—Boston Herald.

If, as seems probable, a sincere regard for the rights of others is a part of the creed of the Christian Scientists, there was a splendid demonstration of it working yesterday in the way the crowd moved to Concord and back again with no one injured and no one disgruntled. The testimony of the railroad officials is to the effect that this regard was observed, and surely that is to be considered not only as expert but as unprejudiced attestation. No matter what creed the rest of us hold most dear, it probably would permit us to add this clause about regarding the rights of others, and if we all took advantage of the permission the time might come when every crowd bound everywhere would be as well managed from the inside as was this memorable one of yesterday.

July 11, 1903

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