If Jesus had left nothing but the Parables, his name...

The Commoner

If Jesus had left nothing but the Parables, his name would have been imperishable in literature; if he had bequeathed to posterity nothing but the simplicity of his speech and the irresistible logic of his argument, he would have had a permanent place among the orators of the world; if he had given to the world nothing but the commandment, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," enforced as it was by his own example, this one gift would have been sufficient to outweigh all the wealth of all the world; if he had left no record but the Sermon on the Mount, it alone would have made his natal day worthy of perpetual celebration — but all these added to the matchless majesty of a perfect life and the inspiring influence of an all-pervading love, are turning the eyes of an ever-increasing number to the path that he trod from the manger to the cross.

The Commoner.

The Lectures
July 11, 1903

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