The Establishment of Truth

Boston Times

Christian Scientists are not worried because the world at large has not as yet accepted their faith, since they know that it is only a question of time when all shall know the truth "from the least to the greatest;" that Isaiah's prophecy will be fulfilled, "And they shall not tell every man his neighbor, saying, Know the Lord, for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest."

The apostle in this instance may have referred especially to those who had passed away from this life, but it applies with equal force to those who are asleep in error and not awake to a sufficient understanding of Truth. Paul foresaw the final and complete triumph of Truth and knew that, though some might at present be asleep, they would not always remain in that condition, but in some way would eventually be awakened. Hence, he said, in substance, to his brethren, I would have you alive to a hope in the final establishment of Truth. You are not in the condition of those who have no hope, therefore you have no occasion for sorrow on this behalf.

A Brief Statement
July 11, 1903

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