Wrong Condemned

Omaha (Neb.) Record-Herald

In attempting to discredit Christian Science, your correspondent groups it with theosophy and the religions of the Orient, and while it is not the intent of this article to depreciate the highest sense of good entertained by any individual, yet the classification of Christian Science with these religions is manifestly unjust, as even their own adherents regard them more as philosophies than religions. Christian Science, through the sick it has raised up from beds of pain, through vicious habits corrected, and the desire for strong drink, tobacco, and opiates destroyed, is proving itself a religion possessed of the vital elements which gave the early Christian church the life that outlived the Cæsars.

The passage quoted from a letter received from a lady at the head of the Order of the White Rose, in which she refers to art, religion, and spirituality as the "stupendous illusions of time," is set up as a false model of Christian Science, which would therefore have to shoulder this sweeping obliteration. Mr. Mackay exclaims: "What can we think of a mind that can assert that art, religion, and spirituality are 'stupendous illusions of time'! And yet her advance has been logical enough. If sin and sickness and death are 'illusions,' it is only one step further to assert that religion and spirituality, etc., and all other things are illusions."

Against Paternalism
January 1, 1903

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