We have received repeated requests to republish the number of the Christian Science Series containing the article entitled, "Principle." This was republished, with some changes, in The Christian Science Journal for July, 1893. In compliance with these requests we herewith republish the article with some additional changes.

Do Christian Scientists believe in God? This question is often asked us, and the reason for asking it is said to be that the inquirer has been told we do not believe in God. A Christian Scientist being once asked this question replied, "Why, I believe in nothing else!" This answer correctly reflects the belief of every one who can be said to believe in Christian Science, or who has the slightest right to claim the name. The fundamental truth of Christian Science is that God is all. That is, that He is omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence in the fullest and broadest possible conception of these words. Christian Science recognizes no other power, no other life, no other intelligence, than God, no other existence than God and His ideas. Its adherents take the Scriptural definition and conception of God, and labor to make them the practical and vital fact of their lives. No grander or more comprehensive conception of God can be put in the form of words than that set forth in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the text-book, of Christian Science. Among numerous other definitions running all through said text-book, we extract the following from page 587:—

Charge to Candidates
May 1, 1902

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