Not Mental Suggestion

The Advance

Your quotations from the scholarly work of George A. Coe, Ph.D., show a conscientious effort on his part to explain Christian Science without resorting to ridicule or wilful misstatement, and so far they merit the appreciation of the Christian Scientist, for let it be understood that Christian Scientists have one motive in common with Dr. Coe, and that a basal one; viz., the desire for truth. The point of divergence in the doctor's argument is right at the beginning. Let the most honest explorer start his investigation by facing in the wrong direction, and the straighter he follows that path, the further he will travel from the desired goal.

Many honest Christian opponents of Christian Science (and I assume that Dr. Coe belongs to this class) start with the assumption that Christian Science and mental suggestion are essentially the same in their operation. They then proceed to expose the fallacies and limitations of mental suggestion, and really believe that they have riddled Christian Science. As a matter of fact, the tyro in Christian Science can do more to expose and demolish the operations of mental suggestion in five minutes than does the doctor in his whole book.

Prove all Things
December 25, 1902

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