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The attempt of denominational editors to misrepresent the Christian Science, when examined in the light of Truth, shows a lack of consistency. Our Master, speaking of this same condition, said in substance, They have eyes, but see not, and they have ears, but hear not; they would not enter in (accept his teachings), and hindered those who desired to come to him for help.

What would be thought of a novice who would write a criticism severely denouncing the science of music, mathematics, or astronomy, pronouncing their teachings "self-contradictions and vagaries," when he had not tried to learn by putting into actual practice the laws whereby the science was to be mastered? And yet this is the attitude of some denominational editors toward Christian Science. They persist in taking detached sentences from their context, and associate such quotations so as to make them convey an altogether different meaning from what was intended. But the truth of Christian Science cannot be forever hidden from the people by such unjust comparison. If a child learning mathematics should start with an error in the multiplication table, he would never gain the correct solution of any problem so long as this error existed in his mind. Our critics start with a wrong apprehension of Christian Science, and because of this it thus appears to be contradictory; while, on the other hand, more than a million people speak of its practicability, due to its Scientific accuracy and perfectly logical statements. In Jesus' day some declared his word was the power of God unto salvation; while others stated his words were of the devil. A very large number of people declare that the teachings of Christian Science have shed a light on the Scriptures which now enables them to read the Bible understandingly; perusing it from a sense of pleasure instead of as a mere duty. It has increased their dependence in God. Good, and established a greater desire to walk in the footsteps of Christ. Judging this teaching by its fruits, it cannot consistently be classes as a vagary.

The True Law of Compensation
December 25, 1902

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