Grateful for Physical and Spiritual Benefits

When Christian Science found me, I had been a sufferer for fifteen years from many diseases. I had doctored with eleven different doctors. I had been operated upon once, and then told that another operation was the only thing that would restore my health. I had not been able to eat potatoes or drink tea or coffee for ten years, and sometimes for weeks lived on dry bread, and a very little butter. I had worn glasses for seven years.

I took my first treatment in Christian Science, August 19, 1899, after having lost all faith in other remedies. I felt at once that I was free. My healer told me to eat what I chose, and I did, and felt none of the usual bad effects. I improved rapidly, gaining five pounds in one week. The spiritual healing was more to me than anything else, as it gave me such a sense of love and trust in God. I felt as if the gates of heaven opened wide and I was just entering in. I could truly say "old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new." My Bible did not seem like the same book. As the light of Truth was turned upon it, I saw such wonders as I never saw before, and I felt I must go at once and tell my minister (I had been a member of the Presbyterian Church for a number of years). He did not wish to give me my letter from the church, saying, I would soon see it was not the Christ-Truth that had healed me.

Testimony of Healing
Chronic Diseases Healed
December 19, 1901

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